St Michael and All Angels Pre-school NEWSLETTER – January 2015

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Dear Parents and Carers

It is important that we have up to date contact details for you and for any other persons who would collect your child in an emergency, please advise us if any of the telephone numbers or email addresses change.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. Happy New Year!

The Nativity and end of term events went very well and I hope that you all enjoyed watching the children perform. It was lovely to see so many parents at the dance open session and French lesson, we will definitely repeat this later on in the year. We raised a magnificent £308-67 at the Nativity this year which will go into the fund raising pot to purchase new display boards (coming soon) and to continue to fund French and Dance lessons.

We raised £57-91 for the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Appeal – well done children and staff!

During the first term of each year we spend a lot of time supporting both new children, starting Pre-school and those who have changed sessions or increased attendance as they enter the final year before school. Although many of our older children settle back quite happily it does take a little while for them to develop new friendships within their own peer group. By the end of the term we could really see some bonds developing. In addition to this we have spent some time with every child gaining an accurate view of what they can already do and setting targets and developing plans to start to teach them new skills and to develop their independence, for our older ones in readiness to start transition to school. We will also be including your own ideas of what you would like your child to learn next. Once the new term starts we will be putting more information on the new website about planning.

We have always welcomed help and visits from parents to widen children’s experiences, last term Dan Tait came in for a session with his DJ equipment, he talked to the children about music and how it can tell a story and reflect how you feel and how his equipment was able to alter sounds to do this, many of the children had a go. Marissa Tait also came in and helped us with some craft activities. Thank you! If any other parents would like to come in for a session, run an activity, or demonstrate a skill or talent (musicians are very welcome!!) or just read stories to the children please let us know.



Spring Term

This term we have moved dance sessions with Jemma to Monday mornings and after February half term French will change from Wednesday morning to Tuesday mornings, we hope that this will allow a few more children to experience these activities.

Bad Weather Arrangements

As most of the staff are able to get into work on foot it is very unlikely that Pre-school would shut if we experience bad weather conditions. Any information regarding the opening or closing of the Pre-school will be posted on the website before 8-00am.

Behaviour Management

From January 2015 we will be introducing a clear procedure to deal with any unwanted behaviour. We do try to encourage positive behaviour by praising children and modelling how to take turns and share the resources. Any behaviour management techniques that we use are always applied fairly and consistently but we do have to take into account the age and developmental stage of the child concerned. If a child’s behaviour affects another child and they are capable of understanding this we do encourage them to say sorry for their actions. Our new procedure will be as follows:-

  1. Member of staff will talk to the child and attempt to change the behaviour or explain why it is unwanted.
  2. If the child repeats the behaviour following this they will be moved away from the activity or the group of peers they are playing with for five minutes, they will be free to try another activity.
  3. If they repeat the original unwanted behaviour following this five minute break, they will have a three minute time out, which you will be notified of in the communication book or in person if the behaviour demands it.

This procedure is a guideline only and in some cases other techniques may be used. We will also be re-introducing certificate awards for those who display improved or continued positive behaviour.

Lunchtime Helper

If you are interested in joining our team as a lunchtime helper please let us know as we currently have a vacancy on Wednesday lunch club, pay is £9-75 for 11-15am to 12-45pm. This post would require a DBS (Safeguarding) check and could offer opportunities to access training courses such as safeguarding and First Aid.

Pre-school Website

The website has undergone a makeover, thanks to The Geek Fairy, we have started to load new pages as quickly as we can, bear with us while we get this up and running. The new format should make it much easier to see what is happening and give you as much information as possible about the Pre-school. In due course we will be having a gallery under the parent’s area, a separate letter will be sent to all parents to gain permission for your child to be part of this. This section will be password protected so only those who have given permission will be able to access these pictures of activities and events from the week. We would very much welcome any feedback that you have so that we can make sure our website meets your needs.



Lunch Clubs

Wednesday lunch club is now full, this means that unfortunately we will not be allowing any one off additions or swaps into this session. We are limited by numbers of children to the staff we have available. There is some space left in the Monday and Tuesday lunch clubs if anyone is interested.


Snack Donations

For those paying termly these are now due £12-00 for those attending 3 or more sessions each week and £8-50 for those attending two sessions a week

Notice of Fee Increase

Session fees for those that are not using government funding will be increasing in September 2015. More details will be given of the increase next term, however, we do intend to remain competitive with other local Pre-schools. A fee increase is necessary to keep pace with rising costs, Pre-school has not increased fees for nearly four years. If you are solely using government funding this will not affect you.

Letters to follow soon:- Health and Well-being Newsletter, Website Parent’s Area, Parent’s Evening

Important information

  • Please advise us at the start of the session I person or by email if you have given your child any medication (including Calpol etc), this is important if we have an emergency situation.
  • Please let us know if someone other than you or a usual arrangement will be collecting your child.
  • For the security of all children if you need to take your child into the toilet area can you please alert a member of staff who will accompany you if other children are present, additionally please do not use mobile phones inside the hall area.


For Diary Information please see the Pre-school Website


Many thanks for your continued support

Sally, Sandra, Vanessa and the Staff Team