Dear Parents
This is the first of I am sure the many emails I will be sending out about our end of year show.
Costume:- For our leavers we would like them to come in black trousers, leggings, shorts, or skirt with a plain coloured t shirt in any colour – we would really like lots of bright colours as it will look great in pictures.
We are looking for a sponsor for our programme (cost £50) you can have half a page advert for your business or personal message.
We are hoping to produce a DVD filmed during the sessions featuring your children in general play, talking to the camera and hopefully a few clips from the leavers show/dance class etc. This is a project in its very early stages working with one of the parents and of course we will seek your individual permission to make it – we will be able to (hopefully) get copies made and sell them as part of fund raising.
The children have started rehearsing today (sorry 🙁 ), they have chosen the songs (again hoping to be able to arrange the music for them) and the story which they chose from a large selection – I chose a new poem, over the next few weeks we will give them all an opportunity to take part in rehearsals using the microphone, those that are confident and happy to have a go will have a small part – look out in book bags for some lines to learn. Not every child is happy to take part and I will not stress them by pressuring them, we would far rather they just stood on the stage on the day than became upset about having the attention focused on them.
Let me know if there are any questions!
See you all soon