Dear Parents

It is nearly the end of the academic year and at this time we invite you to share your comments, ideas and suggestions on how Pre-school could be improved.

This year there is an additional page on our use of email, social media and the website, this is a fast changing and growing part of how we involve parents and we would like to be proactive in ensuring that we make the most of every opportunity to share information.

Your suggestions and comments are always welcome and in the past have helped to support us in making changes, a good example being the recent overhaul of the Pre-school website.

There is an opportunity to leave feedback and rate the Pre-school on our facebook page and we hope that many of you will feel confident to do this in addition to offering your testimonials, last years have been used on our advertisements.

I also appreciate that some parents may feel more confident to complete an anonymous questionnaire (these are named for ease). In order that you can do this I have uploaded a copy to the Pre-school website that you can download and print. If you wish to deliver this feel free to post it into the letterbox with a plain envelope marked Pre-school questionnaire.

Many thanks for your time in helping us to complete this operation.


Sally Bailey

Questionnaire 2014-15