Dear Parents

Just a reminder of the important information you will need about the Nativity on Thursday 15th, please excuse bullet points!

  • The Pre-school Nativity is in the hall.
  • You and your children should arrive together, we open the doors at 9am.
  • When you come into the hall, please find seats, you do not need a seat for your child as they will be either on the stage or seated at the front. There will be a few seats marked reserved, please avoid these.
  • If possible, we would like the children to wear black or dark clothing decorated with tinsel.
  • Listen carefully to announcements of where your child needs to be, those on the stage will be forming a procession from the rear of the hall, the other children will be seated on a carpet at the front of the room.
  • We will start our performance at 9:30 (probably lasts around 30 minutes)
  • After the performance we will allow you an opportunity to photograph your children before we come down from the stage.
  • Please DO NOT try to take your child from the front of the stage the children have been told only to use the steps nearest the kitchen.
  • After the Nativity we will be serving mince pies and coffees etc (donations please) and we will have a fund raising raffle (prizes are welcomed – this time we would like wine, chocolates etc, suitable for adults)
  • We have a special visitor who will see your children in his grotto after the Nativity.
  • We anticipate the event will finish around 11am. After this Pre-school is closed for Christmas until Thursday 5th January.
Hope that I have covered everything! Photos should be here today and you never know about the Christmas Cards!
Best wishes