Nativity Parents words 2018
Its that time again! Here is information for you on this years Nativity.
The Nativity is on Tuesday 18th December, there are no usual sessions on that day and so all children must be accompanied by an adult. We are going to open our doors at 9am to you and the children, please bring the children dressed in their costume (see below!). Take your seats, family members are welcome too. We aim to start at 9-30, the children who will be starting primary school in September 2019 will be on the stage you should keep your little ones with you. I will call the older children to meet the staff at the back of the hall for our procession, please let a member of staff know if we have missed your child. It can be a little overwhelming and not all of the children are natural performers, if you want to join your child on the stage to calm them that is fine too.
We are busy learning some words and songs at Pre-school, we would very much like your help with the first two. I have added a file with the words and music.
After the performance there will be a moment for photographs and then we will send your children back off the stage down the stairs (right hand as you are looking at it) nearest to the kitchen. We are able to allow you to photograph the performance this year but can we please remind you that this is entirely for your own viewing and should not be uploaded onto social media with out the express consent of other children’s parents.
Costumes – All children to wear dark clothes with tinsel
We will end our morning with a coffee and cake (can we please have donations of cakes and mince pies on the day) a Christmas raffle (we would love donations please, the theme is gifts for adults – wine, candles, chocolates etc.) and a visit to see Father Christmas who will be arriving from the North Pole!
The event is due to finish by 11-15am