Each Pre-school, Nursery, Registered Child minder and school foundation stage class follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, however, we all interpret and put it into action in our own ways.

(Outstanding team work ensures children’s learning opportunities are well supported: Ofsted 2011)

We pride ourselves on our innovative delivery of the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage. Our aim is to create an environment where all children are given support, encouragement and motivation to achieve their maximum potential.

As part of my degree in Early Years Education I completed advanced research into the components that are needed to ensure that all the attending children experience a high quality learning environment. We believe that based on this research the educational environment must provide opportunities for children to experience:-  Creativity, Expression, Wonder, Investigation, Imagination, Problem Solving, and Working Together to do this children need to develop their Confidence, Concentration, Independence, Communication and Motivation.

The environment is set up with care and attention to the developmental needs and learning requirements of all of the children whether two and a half years or those ready to start at Primary school (usually the September following their fourth birthday). We appreciate that for children to learn new skills, those that will prepare them for formalised classroom learning after they are six, they must be interested and excited to explore and participate in activities.  Activities must be a good balance between those initiated by an adult and those started and developed by the child themselves, or indeed in the company of other children. Children learn through first hand experiences, from imitating others and from the opportunities that are open to them. We believe it is our role to encourage every child to develop a sense of achievement and enjoyment from finding out new things or by learning how to do something new.

Whilst at Pre-school your child will begin the journey towards reading, writing and mathematics. All of our activities are open ended and designed to stretch the brightest minds. However, children in academic terms must learn to walk before they can run, therefore we place high importance in the foundations of academic learning.

We are not a formal nursery school, we are not Montessori, we are not High-Scope but we have drawn on the best features of all of these and current Early Years research in order to try to make every child’s time with us one that they and you as parents will remember as happy, well-balanced and exciting. Our aim is to send children off to school as motivated, happy and well-prepared individuals ready to tackle new challenges with confidence.

Here is the current session timetable.

Session Timetable 2015 parents info


Sally Bailey  BA (Hons) & Qualified Early Years Teacher

Head of Pre-school

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