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When you should keep your child at home

We are often asked when children should or should not attend Pre-school, a general rule for coughs and colds is that if they have a temperature, low energy levels, are tearful or have had a particularly bad night’s sleep its best to keep them at home, once they have got over the worst symptoms they are welcome back, including if they have coughs or runny noses.

Absences (See Below)

Please advise us by telephone or email on the first day of your child’s absence, giving us the reason why they cannot attend, if you are unsure of symptoms and going to visit the GP or nurse please advise us of the infection or illness as soon as you are given it.

Seasonal Flu and Coughs and Colds

We would like your assistance to keep the Pre-school as free of these illnesses and bugs as possible, to do this we encourage you to teach your child how to blow and wipe their own noses with disposable tissues, dispose of the used tissue and wash hands, we do understand that some of the children are very young and we will help them to blow noses if needs be. Could you please help us to teach them to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze and wash their hands afterwards, this does help us to prevent germs spreading.

Fresh air, provided a child is suitably dressed will not make coughs and colds worse, we will continue to use the garden whenever possible throughout the winter. Fiona also recommends vitamin supplements if you think your child may be susceptible to coughs and colds.

Contagious Infections and Illnesses

Please advise us as soon as possible if your child contracts an infection or illness, for example, conjunctivitis or impetigo, we will be able to let you know how long they should stay off Pre-school for. Some illnesses such as Scarlet Fever or measles are notifiable meaning we must report any instances to the relevant health officials. If treating your child with antibiotics these may take in excess of 48 hours to be effective.

Allergies and Intolerences

We have several children that attend Pre-school with severe allergies, i.e. those that can trigger anaphylactic shock reactions. In view of this could we please ask that your child does not bring any product into the hall that contains any type of nut or product that may contain nuts. This includes the contents of lunch boxes and also any after school snacks that your child or older sibling may be given. If your child eats nuts at home before attending the Pre-school could we please ask that they wash their hands thoroughly to remove any traces.

For your information Pre-school provides water and milk to drink and fresh fruit to eat at snack time. We do, from time to time, cooking activities taking into account children’s dietry requirements, when we have made something this is usually sent home at the end of the session.

As you may be aware allergies and intolerances can appear or disappear over periods of time, if your child has developed an allergy or indeed is no longer allergic please do not forget to advise us.


If your child suffers from asthma and uses a pump Pre-school should be aware of their requirements and a care plan drawn up and spare pump be left at the desk in case of emergency.

Mobile Telephones

Please remember to let us know if you or any of your emergency contacts have changed their numbers.

Medication Notification Forms

We have a form for you to use to record any medication that you have given your child within 24 hours of attending Pre-school, this should include any antibiotics that they have been prescribed. It is important that in the case of a medical emergency we are able to alert doctors or paramedics of this. To make this easier for you I have attached a copy of the form wbelow, in addition hard copies are on the Parent’s Information table and another copy can be found under forms on the Pre-school website.

Nits/Head lice

Regular checks and treatment of these common pests helps us to prevent them spreading, please ask if you need advice on what to look for.

Sickness, Diarrhoea and Norovirus

Children suffering from any of the above should remain at home for 48 hours after the last episode or bout before returning to school.

Viral Infections

From time to time children develop rashes associated with viruses such as Hand Foot and Mouth, Slapped Cheek, whilst these do not cause any problem and often the children remain perfectly healthy throughout they may have different effects on those who are pregnant, please let the supervisor know if your child or any siblings has come into contact with these and try to avoid unnecessary close contact with children where Mum may be expecting. If you are pregnant and you or your child has been in contact with any virus please speak to your midwife or doctor as soon as possible.

Assistant Health Visitors

Some children have not had the standard developmental checks from the health visitors, therefore if you have any concerns about your child, for example, toilet training, speech and understanding, hearing, eye sight, behaviour please see Sally, Sandra or Vanessa who can put you in touch with health professionals.

Pre-school provides a supply of tissues which are kept on the small table behind the supervisor’s desk and near to the bins and toilets, donations of boxes of tissues and anti bacterial sensitive skin soap are always welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read through this very basic information, Fiona is our lead health and first aid practitioner if you require further information at any time. Hopefully we can keep the children as fit and healthy as possible through the winter.

Chloe Dyton

Head of Pre-school


Please call the Pre-school as soon as you can if your child is unwell and will not be attending on 01702 714599 and leave a message. Alternatively email

The following forms can be downloaded and completed at home.

Application of creams, gels & lotions Notification of medication form Pre-existing Injuries form

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