Online Learning Journals

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Dear Parents

As we are now using the Tapestry system for Online Learning Journals I have started this page to give you as much information as possible and to help with some frequently asked questions.

Each child has their own account under the Pre-school, we set this account up once we are certain that the child is going to be starting with us. We will send an activation link out to the main email address that we hold, however, Tapestry is flexible and we can add extended family, parents who do not live with the child, Grandparents and other carers of your child, to add some one else all we need is their email address.

When your child starts at Pre-school you will initially find frequent observations as we build up a picture of your child’s personality, learning style, development and skills. Information that you provide us with at our parent meetings will also be added, please do not be concerned if you notice that some of the assessments made state a lower developmental age that your child’s actual age as this will quickly be changed by our ongoing observations. After the initial settling in period you should expect an observation each week (roughly).

Observations will mainly be done by your child’s key worker, however, as we all work with all of the children other staff may also post. Some observations will have photographs attached and some will not. Occasionally another child may appear in your child’s photographs we remind you that these photographs should not be shared on any social media, Pre-school may have to remove some photographs or videos at a later stage if files become to large.

Reports will be published on tapestry as and when they are written. We will still send a hard copy to your child’s school when they leave with your permission. We haven’t yet decided how to store the files of those children who leave us at the end of the academic year, we will not be printing these off but may give you a copy on a disc or by email. Your child’s account will then be deactivated at the end of August.

Sometimes we will add a Group observation, for example of a particular activity, this will appear on a number of children’s learning journals, sometimes this will include a photograph, these will now not be pixalated/blurred and parents will be unable to comment on group observations. We do have some children who for important reasons cannot be photographed so we have to be careful.

If your child attends another nursery or child minder that uses Tapestry please let us know so that we can swap details.

Lastly, please add your own comments and notes about your child’s development and learning, this is invaluable as we can often pick up on their current interests and incorporate that into their sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions…the answers!

  • When you initially set up Tapestry it asks for a PIN this is one that you set yourself for easy online access.
  • Links for new passwords only last for 24 hours if you did not activate within that time you will require a new one.
  • All observations have to be approved before being added to Learning Journals, this means that sometimes they will not appear on the same day as they took place.