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The following reviews were given by parents in July 2019, the originals are available to view at Pre-school, names have been removed to ensure privacy.
Reviews from 2017-2018 available below.
Testimonials 2018-2019

“I have been happy with St Michaels Pre-school which offers a rage of earning opportunities and experiences. My son has received care and support from the staff and has settled in well. The preschool offers great links with local schools helping children prepare for their new environment. The end of term parties have also proven a huge hit with my son!”

“St Michaels is an excellent Pre-school – the staff are exceptional and I know R has enjoyed every day she has sent at Pre-school. The effort the staff put in – setting up the hall every day – specific, relevant, different activities every day to keep the children engaged is second to none.”

“We are very happy with St Michaels and All Angels as our twin girls Pre-school. Our girls love going there and although they only attend two afternoons a week they ask if they can go to Pre-school every morning! We have seen a big improvement in their learning and development since starting there in September 2017. They have also been very understanding and flexible during a traumatic illness with a family member and subsequent bereavement.”

“We have been so happy with St Michaels Pre-school. The staff, facilities and over all care has been magnificent. I feel George has been both cared for, stimulated, developed. The story sacks especially have really inspired us all! We will be very sad to say good-bye!”

My daughter has thrived at St Michael and All Angels. She loves everyone there and is going to miss the staff very much. I couldn’t have asked for a better Pre-school for her. Thank you!

“St Michael and All Angels Pre-school is a warm, loving, friendly place with amazing staff. The perfect start to your child’s learning journey.”

“T has had such a varied and exciting time at St Michael’s and we are so lucky to have been able to share it with him, due to the amazing amounts of demonstrations, shows, parties and open days you put on each year. It really makes us feel like part of a big family, all of you take the time to get to know us and our children and it seems like nothing is too much trouble.

T has had a few wobbles in the past and I have had to leave him there upset but there is always someone on hand (usually Debbie) to take him and cheer him up by waving out of the window!
I will write a separate note about Debbie but it seems that even though she is his key worker, all of you know and care for him just as much as her. It is very reassuring for me to leave him with such an amazing caring team.

We are not at all worried about T starting school as he has been so well prepared by the Preschool, the only thing that is worrying me is leaving you and I think that speaks volumes!
Thank you for all your hard work and for giving my two children such a great start in life, we will miss you all.”

“Our little boy has been very happy at St Michael and All Angels Pre-school. He has been able to develop and increase his confidence in a wide variety of different activities and in developing friendships with his peers in an environment where there is the perfect balance between play and gentle structure where he has been nurtured and encouraged, thank you xxx”

“An excellent Pre-school with truly amazing staff and wonderful indoor and outdoor activities. My daughter has grown in confidence and development. I am so grateful that my daughter is ready to start school, which is greatly due to the staff and their help.”

“St Michaels and All Angels Pre-school is fantastic. My daughter has really enjoyed this year and is actually not looking forward to the Summer holidays as she enjoys it so much. All of the staff are brilliant.”

“St Michael’s is an excellent Pre-school with wonderful teachers and leadership. It thoroughly deserves its Outstanding Ofsted rating. The staff are warm, friendly and welcoming, with a very caring approach to the children. There is excellent communication with the parents and they develop strong bonds with the children, treating them as individuals and really getting to know them. My daughter has blossomed during her two years there, going from a shy child not feeling confident with joining in, to standing up on the stage at her leaver’s show singing the Greatest Showman in a small group of children! I am thrilled with her progress and she is so ready for school.”

“I could not have asked for more from St Michael and All Angels Pre-school. My daughter has loved her time there thanks to the positive relationships the staff have built with her and dedication to her learning and well-being. They offer so many experiences for the children – I really cannot praise them highly enough!”

“A great Pre-school experience for both of our children. They were warmly cared for and entertained and stimulated.”

“St Michael’s really go the extra mile. The child’s perspective is considered in every single way. Supporting each individual child’s unique development within a kind and well thought out approach. We have watched our child blossom in confidence and ability over the past two years and as much as we are very sad to say goodbye it is with thanks to entire staff at St Michael’s that our daughter is well prepared and excited for her next step in her education. Many thanks”

“St Michaels and All Angels is an amazing Pre-school. They care so much about the children’s development and care and work so hard to keep the children happy and enjoying learning. Thank you!”

“Our son found the transition from Nursery into St Michaels Pre-school quite challenging, however, through Sally and Aneta’s perseverance and nurturing the last two years have been exceptionally good. Our son’s manners, passion for reading and writing and confidence developed substantially all down to the Pre-school staff.

Thank you so much for all the time you have invested in our child and keep up with the good work.”
“I would highly recommend the Pre-school to anyone looking for a Pre-school for their child. I have now had two children attend and have not ever had any issues. My children have been thoroughly happy there. The staff and school is brilliant.”

“Highly recommended! As a Mum of three currently putting my third child through Pre-school, St Michael and All Angels is such a wonderful place, the ladies have so much experience and are wonderful with the kids. I love the extra curricular activities available, dancing, French, football, party pets. Such amazing opportunities for the little ones. I also love the open door policy the Pre-school has with Chalkwell Hall, made my little ones very comfortable with the move to school when the time came.”

“As a parent it is both a huge milestone and very emotional leaving your child for the first time in the care of others. However, from day one the staff have always provided the friendliest, safest environment. They are always so welcoming, inclusive, nurturing and attentive. Providing information and reassurance through every step of the journey. The communication from the Pre-school is one of their huge strengths and we love our weekly Tapestry entries which helps us talk through A’s days there. The additional activities the school provides goes above and beyond expectations and we feel truly blessed that A is part of such an amazing Pre-school. We couldn’t be happier with our daughter’s first steps into educational life and feel very lucky to have another year with you. Thank you, you really do such an amazing job”

“I think St Michaels and all Angels pre school has helped J tremendously! If anyone asked me what I thought of the pre school I would rate it beyond outstanding. The staff each and every one of you are amazing and I think you do a fantastic job with so many young ones to have per sessions/s. Thank you for everything! I also think the books coming home each week has encouraged J to want to read more.”

“My son started at St Michael and All Angels Pre-school just six days after his second birthday. At first he was a bit upset but soon settled and made friends. All of the staff are so helpful, kind and friendly that I couldn’t have wished for better surroundings for my son to start his pre-school life in. He has learnt so much in a short time and that is a credit to the teachers and staff. We can’t wait for the next two years with you! Thank you”

“A superb Pre-school. I was so lucky to get my little person into. All the staff really get to know your child as an individual and care about their emotional and development al needs. I can’t praise it highly enough”

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