Our Teaching and Our Vision Statement

St Michael and All Angels Pre-school Vision Statement

Our Vision is to create a place which reflects respectful, caring relationships.

We believe all children have the right to be listened to, recognised and valued as individuals.

Children are given time and opportunities to develop as creative, competent learners in a secure and enabling environment.

Our Teaching

As an experienced staff team we are always looking at the best way to help support your children’s learning and development. Our aim is to develop healthy minds and bodies, ready to be motivated and excited to learn.
We are currently following a programme that we adapted for our Pre-school from the Planning in the Moment system lead by Anna Ephgrave. Our system ensures that each child is challenged to make progress, supported by knowledgeable and caring staff, lead by their own interests. A good practitioner can deliver learning and development by interacting in the child’s play and demonstrating, modelling, encouraging, questioning or teaching the child their next steps. This means that each child is involved in their own Learning Journey.
We use an online Journal to show you the progress that your child is making and hope that you will add to this with examples of development and learning from home, this recognises the importance of partnerships between home and school.
We try hard to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to develop the foundations, find the motivation and become excited to learn in readiness for starting school.

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